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Career Development Events (CDE)
Career Development Events are competitive events that mirror real-world career skills. They offer FFA members the opportunity to develop and demonstrate their knowledge, creative and critical thinking, and leadership skills. Winners for each Career Development Event are announced at the annual National and State Conventions. FFA members can participate in the following CDE's:

Agricultural Business Management CDE      
Provides competition that fosters information assimilation, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills necessary to successfully manage a farm or pursue farm business management careers. This event enhances and encourages opportunities for all participants to receive instructions that develops agriculture/farm business management skills.

Agricultural Education CDE      
The goal for the Agricultural Education Career Development Event is to enable FFA members, grades 9-12, to explore the career field of agricultural education. 

Agricultural Mechanics CDE      
Members compete to display knowledge and skills related to agricultural mechanics ranging from welding to shop safety.

Agricultural Sales CDE      
The purpose is to evaluate skills that are essential for an individual to be successful in the agricultural sales field. The process of selling agricultural products is essential for production and marketing of agricultural products.

Food Science and Technology CDE      
The Event is designed to promote learning activities in food science and technology related to the food industry and to assist students in developing practical knowledge of principles used in a team decision-making process.

Floriculture CDE      
The Indiana State FFA Floriculture Career Development Event follows the National guidelines on a scaled back format. Those interested in pursuing the National CDE are encouraged to go to the National FFA Website for a complete set of guidelines. The following pertains to ONLY the Indiana State FFA Floriculture CDE.

Marketing CDE      
The marketing plan event is designed to assist students with developing practical skills in the marketing process through the development and presentation of a marketing plan.  

Nursery and Landscaping CDE      
The purpose of the Nursery and Landscape CDE is to promote career interest, encourage proficiency development and recognize excellence in participants of the event which includes all aspects of the industry to produce, market, utilize and maintain landscape plants, as related production and landscaping products, equipment and services including design. 

Practical Forestry CDE      
The Forestry CDE is designed to stimulate student interest and to promote forestry instruction in the agricultural education curriculum and to provide recognition for those who have demonstrated skills and competencies as a result of forestry instructions.

Small Engines CDE      
As the small engine industry keeps pace with the space age, it becomes increasingly important that accuracy in workmanship be maintained at the highest degree of perfection. The more complex mechanisms of today's automobiles and the increased awareness of safe operation of small engine equipment requires a degree of accuracy in workmanship that was unheard of a few short years ago. Since the main goal of the Indiana FFA Small Engine CDE is to interest and prepare high school students for rewarding careers in the mechanic's service field, we feel that all involved with the event should continue to place emphasis on the importance of high quality workmanship.

Veterinary Science CDE      
The purpose of the Agricultural Education Career Development Event is to provide individuals with basic skills necessary for a career as an agricultural educator. Teaching agriculture involves teaching students about applications of science, management, leadership, and technology in the food, fiber, natural resource industry. Teaching methods emphasize hands on approaches where application of skills and knowledge is central to lesson presentations. e.

Welding CDE      
To assist students to gain an understanding and application of the welding process according to classroom and industry standards

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