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Marketing CDE
General Rules/Eligibility      

Event Rules

  1. Team Make-up: A team representing a state will consist of three members listed at the state and national levels from the same chapter. Only the three certified team members can take an active role in the presentation of materials and use of technology during the presentation.

  2. It is highly recommended that participants wear FFA Official Dress for this event.

  3. At least three qualified judges will be used. Judges should be selected to represent a mix of industry, education, and communication and will have a sufficient understanding of the marketing planning process.

  4. A Timekeeper will be provided.

Guidelines/Scoring/Registration Help Guides    
NameDate AddedSize
Marketing Guidelines 7/20/2020 1050 KB
Marketing Rubric 7/20/2020 1047 KB

Past Test/Materials      
Links to past contest material by category and year

Resource Documents      
Links to helpful documents and videos in guiding and preparing a team for the Marketing CDE

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