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Vet Science CDE
General Rules/Eligibility      

Event Rules

  1. Teams will consist of four members with all four members' scores counting toward total team score.

  2. Dress Code: (Slightly altered from National FFA for this event) Teams may wear Official Dress. However, dress worn in the veterinary practice will be acceptable for this event. Examples include: Scrubs or polo and khakis or slacks. All participants must wear closed toe flat shoes ( no sandals or flip flops). No jewelry should be worn that would jeopardize the safety of self or animals. This includes rings, bracelets, earrings, and exposed body piercing. Wrist watches are permitted.

  3. No live animals will be utilized for this event. 

  4. Any participant in possession of an electronic device in the event area is subject to disqualification.


Guidelines/Scoring/Registration Help Guides    
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Vet Science Guidelines 7/20/2020 1084 KB

Past Test/Materials      
Links to past contest material by category and year

Resource Documents      
Links to helpful documents and videos in guiding and preparing a team for the Vet Science CDE

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