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Floriculture CDE
General Rules/Eligibility      

Event Rules

  • Each team will be comprised of four members.
  • All four scores will be used to determine total team score.
  • It is highly recommended that participants wear school appropriate dress (ex. casual wear) for this event.
  • Under no circumstances will any participant be allowed to touch or handle plant material during the event except when instructed by the event staff.
  • Any communication between participants during the event will be sufficient cause to eliminate the team from the event. The exception to this is the team activity.
  • Any participant caught cheating during the event will be expelled from the event.
  • The event superintendent will assign the participants to various event staging sites. Participants must know their assigned identification number and make sure that it is placed on ALL SCORE CARDS throughout the event.
  • Any assistance given to a participant from any source during the event, other than a floriculture official, will be sufficient cause to eliminate the team from the event.
  • Various computer applications may be utilized throughout the floriculture event.
  • Any participant in possession of an electronic device in the event area is subject to disqualification unless otherwise permission to use is given by the event superintendent.

Event Format Materials students need to provide:

  1. Clean clipboard
  2. free of notes
  3. Two sharpened No. 2 pencils
  4. Prepared résumé
  5. Floral shears/clippers
  6. Ribbon Shears
  7. Wire Cutters
  8. Floral Knife 
  9. Calculator- Should be battery operated, non-programmable and non-scientific. No other calculators are allowed to be used during the event. 
  10. Participants may also bring an apron and/or a tool belt and towels; these items will not be provided

Past Test/Materials      
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Resource Documents      
Links to helpful documents and videos in guiding and preparing a team for the Floriculture CDE

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