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Hoosier and American Degrees      
The Hoosier and American FFA Degrees are tremendous accomplishments for an FFA member. These degrees document that the member has achieved success at a high level in their Supervised Agriculture Experience program, leadership development, and community service. These degrees recognize what FFA members strive for in their careers.

State Star Program      
The Stars over Indiana award program recognizes FFA members that have excelled in the Supervised Agricultural Experience Programs. Members compete in 1 of 4 different Star Award Areas: Agribusiness, Agriscience, Farmer, and Placement.

Proficiency areas recognize members for their advancement and expertise in their Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE) programs. With a wide range of placement and ownership categories, these work experience areas serve to develop skills in our members that can only be learned through "hands on" efforts outside the classroom. Indiana FFA serves as an economic development engine by promoting career skills in its members.

Living to Serve: Community      

Servant Leadership is not a catch phrase. It is indeed a lifestyle and one that blesses the giver and recipient in ways that can be hard to measure. This awards area will recognize those chapters who have made serving their community an important part of their FFA Chapter's program.

2020 Application


Living to Serve: Safety      

Agriculture remains one of the most dangerous occupational fields in America. This program will recognize those chapters who have made a special effort to make their agriculture community a safer place through education and service programs.

2020 Application


National Chapter Award      

The National Chapter Awards program seeks to recognize the finest FFA chapters in Indiana and the nation. Chapters have the opportunity to showcase their top activities. The application is available on 

Updates to the Award Program for 2017-2021

National Chapter Award Handbook 2017-2021

NFFA Resource Page

Breaking New Ground      
This outstanding service opportunity seeks to encourage chapters, and reward them, in their efforts in helping those with disabilities in the world of agriculture.

Indiana State Fair Scholarship      
The Indiana FFA offers an annual scholarship in the amount of $500 to a student who has benefited themselves and the Indiana FFA by contributing to the Indiana FFA Pavilion and its activities at the State Fair. See the  "Resources" section to download scholarship application.

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