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COVID-19 Updates
Most Current Programming Update      

Indiana FFA is taking the current COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) World Pandemic very seriously and looks to follow the directives of the WHO, CDC, State Government, and many others in making decisions related to all Indiana FFA programming. 

Additionally, we are committed to delivering the best programming and opportunities for FFA members possible based on safety guidelines and public limitations. While we would like to offer all traditional programming, via the traditional means of delivery – that expectation simply cannot be met.

It is important to recognize that even once social distancing requirements are lifted, that won’t mean all events will be rescheduled – depending on that date – there simply will not be enough time to prepare/accommodate from the state or local level.


As the pandemic is ever changing - below is the current updates/modifications to programming as of the date listed.

Please note that all items are subject to change as the situation progresses. 

4/22/2020 Update      

Below are the most recent modifications/plans for Indiana FFA programming.
New updates are bold.

  1. SAE for All Profession Development Training
    1. All Spring training dates (3/16, 4/8, and 4/30) canceled.
    2. Trainings will be rescheduled for Fall 2020.

  2. State Officer Visits and Travel
    1. Officer travel to functions will be evaluated per event and as the situation progresses.
    2. We recognize that nearly all school functions are canceled for the remainder of Spring 2020.
    3. State Officers are home (not at the Leadership Center) and will remain home at least through any ‘stay-at-home’ orders. The situation will continue to be monitored before staff make the decision to bring the state officers back to the center.
    4. Officers are working from home completing activities such as continuing to plan State Convention and interacting/engaging with members as much as possible through social media and the #ForgeThroughTheFire campaign.

  3. State Officer Candidates (SOC) and State Nominating Committee
    1. Officer applicants should expect communication from Mr. Hays this week confirming application receipt as well as discussion about next steps.
    2. Candidate Open House rescheduled for Sunday, May 17th.
      1. Watch for more information about the open house, strongly leaning toward a virtual experience.
    3. Nominating Committee applications are under review and applicants will be informed of selection status in the coming weeks.
    4. Plans are being developed for a potential virtual interview process – more information to come if this route deemed necessary.

  4. Proficiency Applications
    1. Evaluation occurring virtually in one single round.
    2. Applications will be scored at a distance by a virtual ‘team’ of judges.
    3. Once all judges scores are received the applications will be ranked per judge and those ranks combined (similar to LDE ranking process).
    4. Final rankings of 1-4, Gold, Silver, and Bronze will be determined by those rankings.
    5. We’ve had a great turn out for volunteer evaluators, and everyone should have received their instructions to begin scoring applications.

  5. Hoosier Degrees
    1. Remains unchanged, currently being reviewed for qualifications.

  6. Star Program
    1. Semi-finalist interviews were conducted virtually, results released earlier this week, and feedback has been sent to all candidates.
    2. Finalists have received instructions for the next phase of the program.
      1. State Visits will not be conducted in person.
      2. Finalists will film a short video (instructions/requirements sent via email) highlighting their program and submit back to the state.
      3. Judges will review the videos and then conduct another virtual interview with each finalist to determine the State Stars.
      4. The Stars Over Indiana videos recorded by Baxter Communications will still occur, though the timing will be modified until after the coronavirus pandemic has subdued.
        1. This may mean filming post state convention in July or later.

  7. Amendments to the Bylaws and Standing Rules
    1. Original Submission Deadline Stands – 4/17
    2. Submission is electronic.

  8. Nominations for Honorary Degree, Distinguished Service Award, and VIP Award
    1. Original Submission Deadline Stands – 4/17
    2. Submission is electronic

  9. Living to Serve and National Chapter Award Applications
    1. Submission Deadline of 4/24 Postponed
    2. Rescheduled Deadline – 5/22
    3. Grading will be conducted electronically similar to Proficiency and Star Applications.
    4. Look for more information soon related to submission process as well as the opportunity to participate in the evaluation of applications.
    5. Students/Officers should still be able to assist with these applications from a distance via the Living to Serve documents on and the National Chapter Award in the application center on

  10. Agriscience Fair
    1. Registration deadline 5/15
    2. Electronic Report submission deadline stands – 6/1
      1. Reports emailed to coordinator Travis Scherer
    3. Presentations – canceled
      1. Rankings and national qualifying projects will be determined via written reports only for 2020.

  11. American Degree and American Star Applications
    1. Original Deadline – 5/8 – stands
    2. Electronic Submission

  12. Executive Committee
    1. Next Meeting – 4/24 – Virtual Meeting
    2. State Plans to host 2 ‘meetings/hangouts’ prior to the 24th for the executive committee to connect and practice the features of the virtual meeting to allow for an efficient meeting on the 24th.
    3. More information to come directly to executive committee members this week.

  13. Board of Trustees
    1. Original Date – 5/11 – stands
    2. Expect the meeting to be virtual.
    3. More information to come.

  14. District Operations
    1. District Officer Interviews
      1. Encouraged to hold virtual interviews for candidates to then develop district officer slates.
      2. State will be in communication with district leadership on suggestions and best practices to make these happen.
      3. Currently anticipate elections to still occur at state convention, but there will not be time/opportunity to interview during that time.
    2. Other District Opportunities
      1. Any other district activity that might have been scheduled (social activities, games, tournaments, etc) are suggested to be canceled if they have not already been.

  15. Career and Leadership Development Events
    1. See side module for additional information/update about CDE/LDEs. 
    2. Any Career and Leadership Development Events that are continuing for 2020, anticipate there to be modifications to rules and/or practicums. Additional information will be provided on each event.
    3. We recognize participation in any Career and Leadership Development Events shall be the decision of the local school administration.
    4. As event plans are identified, we encourage conversations with administration to determine if members will be able to participate. While we hope all members will have access to these events, we understand that may not be possible. Our goal is to provide the opportunities for as many as possible, as is reasonable/feasible, and unfortunately know that will not align with 200+ schools’ local policies.

    5. District Leadership Contests/Conventions
      1. Lots more guidance to come on the following – please watch email for more information from the state and district leadership.
      2. The following events for 2020 are CANCELED/NOT SANCTIONED by the state at the district or state level in terms of competition.
        1. If a district would still like to figure out how to offer one or more of these events (virtually or at a later date), they are more than welcome to do so. Please note if done, there will be no state event for them to advance to.
          1. Ag Sales Presentation
          2. Discovery Creed Speaking
          3. Demonstrations (all categories)
          4. Exhibit
          5. Freshman Extemporaneous Public Speaking
          6. Essay
          7. Freshman and Discovery Prepared Public Speaking
          8. Traditional and Multimedia Scrapbook

      3. The following event for 2020 are CONTINUING with modifications.
        1. These events were identified based on either being a national qualifying event or only available to senior members.
        2. Detailed information will be released soon with modifications and best practices for the state and district events.
        3. Freshman Creed Speaking – anticipate recorded speech with either recorded questions or live question interview.
        4. Regular Prepared Public Speaking – anticipate recorded speech with either recorded questions or live question interview.
        5. Regular Extemporaneous Public Speaking – anticipate a recorded speech submitted within a certain time frame of speech topic release with either recorded questions or live question interview.
        6. Employment Skills – anticipate virtual interview.
        7. Leadership Ambassador – anticipate virtual interview.
        8. Quiz Bowl (Discovery & Regular) – virtual delivery
          1. NO District Qualifier
          2. Open State Invitational
            1. Will be open to any chapter team(s), even if a district contest was held and a team did not advance.

    6. Other CDEs/LDEs
      1. Below is an initial plan/status for the remaining FFA only CDEs/LDEs.
      2. Lots more information to come related to each event and how they will operate, including timing but wanted everyone to know current status.
      3. We recognize that virtual delivery may not be ‘ideal’, but we believe a strong, quality, educational opportunity can be delivered in a modified virtual format for many events. Staff will be working closely with coordinators and industry partners for event development.
        1. Floriculture – virtual delivery
        2. Nursery/Landscape – virtual delivery
        3. Small Engines – postponed – identifying possible dates in late July/Aug
        4. Practical Forestry – virtual delivery
        5. Vet Science – virtual delivery
        6. Food Science – postponed – identifying possible dates in late July/Aug
        7. Ag Sales – postponed – identifying possible dates in late July/Aug
        8. Ag Mechanics – postponed – identifying possible dates in late July/Aug
        9. Ag Communications – virtual delivery
        10. Marketing – postpone
        11. Ag Issues –postpone
        12. Ag Business Management – virtual delivery
        13. Ag Education
          1. Teaching presentation – canceled
            1. Ranking will be determined by lesson plan only for 2020.

  16. State Fair
    1. Currently plans are ‘normal’ for state fair.
    2. NEW AREA – plans in the works to develop a special presentation space within the FFA Pavilion (developed prior to COVID, now more important/valuable).
    3. This area can be utilized for a member that would like to come and present a demonstration, speech, agriscience fair project, etc and receive feedback from evaluators.
    4. Will NOT be a competitive event, simply an opportunity for members to show of their projects and receive feedback through the traditional event rubrics.

  17. Washington Leadership Conference (WLC)
    1. National FFA has decided to CANCEL all WLC weeks for 2020.
    2. This affects anyone attending via the Indiana bus trip, but also anyone that signed up individually.
    3. National FFA is offering full refunds for this years conference.
    4. Those signed up via the INFFA bus trip – Joe and Sam will work with you in terms of payment refunds. Anyone else should look for information directly from National FFA.

  18. State Convention
    1. Traditional Convention Format will not occur. 
    2. Virtual & Postponed Convention planned. 
    3. See side module document above and/or the state convention page of the website for current plans.


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