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COVID-19 Updates
Most Current Programming Update      

Indiana FFA is taking the current COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) World Pandemic very seriously and looks to follow the directives of the WHO, CDC, State Government, and many others in making decisions related to all Indiana FFA programming. 

Additionally, we are committed to delivering the best programming and opportunities for FFA members possible based on safety guidelines and public limitations. While we would like to offer all traditional programming, via the traditional means of delivery – that expectation simply cannot be met.

It is important to recognize that even once social distancing requirements are lifted, that won’t mean all events will be rescheduled – depending on that date – there simply will not be enough time to prepare/accommodate from the state or local level.


As the pandemic is ever changing - below is the current updates/modifications to programming as of the date listed.

Please note that all items are subject to change as the situation progresses. 




- COVID Waivers are still required for all in-person events by ALL attending persons, regardless of age. This continues to remain in place until further notice.

Virtual Participation

- There will be no alternate virtual option available for students that differs from how everyone is participating in a contest. If a contest is held 100% in-person, all participants must attend in-person to compete. No virtual option will be offered. If a contest has an in-person component for everyone and a virtual component for everyone (e.g. Welding Test is virtual and the skills practicums are in-person), everyone will virtually take the exam during the set times and compete in-person for the other identified portions of the contest.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations of events due to COVID will be handled under the precedent of inclement weather.

- Cancellations of chapters attending FFA events due to COVID will be handled under the precedent of inclement weather. (e.g. If a student can no longer attend a conference in-person because they have tested positive for COVID-19 and learns about this Thursday before the conference, that chapter would still be financially responsible for that conference spot. This would be the same if a chapter was not allowed to attend due to fog, icy roads, etc. in their area).


  • Waivers
    • COVID19 Waivers are required for all in-person Indiana FFA events until further notice. This includes, but is not limited to, FFA Conferences, CDEs, and LDEs.

  • Chapter Meeting LDE
    • Discussion was held related to challenges of host sites, travel approval, and sanitation between teams.
    • Decision: Virtual open Sectional events for both novice and regular held in November/December, with 1 team per regular division and multiple for novice.
      • District events as qualifiers cancelled.
      • If a district would like to still host an event, essentially as an invitational, that is up to each district.
      • Logistics are still being worked out – currently anticipate:
        • Live video presentation that will be recorded.
        • Teams will register and then sign-up for presentation times based on registration numbers.
        • Recorded presentations sent to judges for evaluation within a specific time frame. Judges then convene at end of evaluation to finalize ranking.
        • Top 2 teams per division advance to the state event per normal.
    • State Event: Format and logistics to be determined at later date.
    • Staff Lead: Craig Lungren
  • Welding CDE
    • Current host site cannot host in Fall 2020 due to COVID restrictions.
    • Discussed additional concerns of being able to find alternative host sites for Fall 2020 and travel this fall.
    • Decision: Postpone the 2020/21 Welding CDE to the Spring semester.
      • Anticipate looking at an early Spring event (Jan-Mar) as priority, then a late Spring event (Mar-Apr) as secondary timeline.
  • CDE/LDE Eligibility 2019/20 events
    • Board members request additional information from NFFA prior to decision making.
  • Hoosier Degree Updates
    • Cost of Living Adjustment
      • Board approved postponing the adjustment for 1 year.
      • No financial numbers shall chance in for the 2020/21 application.
    • Other Requirements
      • No decisions were made at this time to modify other portions of the degree for 2020/21.
      • Additional information and survey results will be shared by board members and input sought.
    • Staff Lead: Rob Hays

7.29.20 Update      

A video discussion of each of the items below can be found at the following link. It is the same information presented in an alternate format for those that would prefer to hear the update compared to reading. 

Video Update Link

  1. In Person Event Requirements
    1. All In Person Events will have the additional requirements related to COVID19 and social distancing.
      1. COVID19 waiver – no attendee can participate without completing the COVID19 waiver. (Traditional FFA year-long waiver required for any FFA participation as well).
        1. Includes FFA members, advisors, chaperones, staff, etc.
        2. Completed PER event
      2. Social Distancing – required as much as event situation will allow. To be evaluated per event.
      3. Masks – required unless not possible
        1. Required, especially when social distancing may not be available
        2. Some exceptions may be allowed based on the activity or portion of event
          1. Potential Example – may not require mask while welding in booth under the helmet, but would require when registering, waiting, testing, receiving instructions, turning in welds, etc.
      4. Other items as deemed necessary by Indiana FFA, local host guidance, or state/county regulations.
        1. Events at the Indiana FFA Leadership Center shall be required to comply with additional requirements set forth by the Dept of Health in terms of occupancy numbers and temperature readings.
  2. Refund Policy – COVID Related Cancelations
    1. BOT Approved 7/28/2020
    2. If event is canceled due to IN FFA canceling, host location canceling, or state/county mandate – 100 % registration fees returned MINUS any expenses that cannot be held over by the association for the future.
      1. (Ie fees locked in with vendors/hosts that are not returned or perishable items)
      2. Deductions would be prorated and spread across registrations equally.
    3. If school is unable to attend event because local school makes determination after the registration deadline – no fees returned.
      1. This aligns with current practices like weather or illness situations.
      2. Prevents chapters from registering without permission, hoping to attend at the last minute, and then Indiana FFA being on the hook for extensive amounts of materials or fees to locations (ie FFA center).

  3. State Convention Awards Day
    1. Decision made by the Board of Trustees to CANCEL the proposed State Convention Awards Day for Fall 2020.
      1. While the idea was in the best interest of recognizing FFA member achievement, the current situation does not lend itself toward having this type of event.
      2. Decision was based on concerns of current virus spread, the state being in stage 4.5, the restrictions on gathering sizes and county health department approvals, limitations of host locations, the ability to gain approval from local school corporations to attend such an event, and more.

  4. Hoosier Degree Recognition
    1. The state will be generating a video(s) for additional Hoosier Degree Recognition.
    2. Recognition will include the official ceremony and reading of all Hoosier Degree recipients names and chapters.
    3. Video(s) will be shared via email links and through social media channels.

  5. Plaque/Award Distribution
    1. All plaques, banners, and certificates traditionally awarded shall still be distributed to all members.
    2. State Staff will be hosting District Delivery Days.
    3. More details to come on dates and locations.
      1. Looking to get this completed as soon as possible – hopefully middle/end of August.
      2. Currently sorting and organizing all awards by chapter & district.
    4. Current plan is for a state staff member to go to a central location within the district for a couple of hours and advisors from that district can come pick up any awards for their school (and return any unused plaques such as LDEs).
    5. If unavailable to come during the predetermined time, staff will work with a local school to hold over any additional chapter boxes to be picked up at another time. 

  6. State Band and Chorus
    1. Currently do not see the option to bring these groups together to perform at alternate times/locations.
    2. Will look to fill the 2 President positions as they have seats on the Executive Committee.
    3. More details to come but anticipate an application process for those individuals that were interested in being a part of the band and chorus, along with interviews.
    4. The non-executive committee positions will not be filled for the 20/21 school year.

  7. Spring 2020 Postponed Career and Leadership Development Events
    1. The 6 postponed 19/20 events are officially CANCELED.
      1. Includes: Small Engines, Ag Mechanics, Ag Sales, Food Science, Marketing, and Ag Issues.
    2. This is a difficult decision as we truly hoped to be able to provide these events.
    3. Reasons for canceling include (but are not limited to):
      1. Survey results indicated less than normal participation.
      2. Survey results indicated most not being able to participate until later into the semester, causing scheduling challenges overlapping with traditional fall programming.
      3. Inability to properly practice and prepare for the events, even virtually, especially if held sooner than later.
      4. Hosting numerous in-person events does not appear feasible/practical based on survey results and school reopening plans/restrictions.
      5. Virtual options do not appear feasible based on event requirements and extensive hands-on components.
        1. Many portions of the events would need to be removed or heavily modified drastically reducing the educational value of the event.
      6. National CDE/LDEs for which some of these events were qualifying for are also canceled for 2020.
    4. This only impacts the postponed events from last school year with full anticipation to host these events in Spring 2021.

  8. PLT Conference (Premier Leadership Training)
    1. Traditional In Person Experience
    2. Dates reduced to 2 instead of 3. Saturday Aug 29 and Sunday Aug 30.
    3. Option for virtual participation/viewing will be available for those that are not allowed to travel.
    4. Priority content will be focused on Saturday.
      1. For those that could travel/attend for a single day – Saturday would be the preference with virtual on Sunday.
    5. We will be prepared to transition to virtual for all participants if necessary, per county/state guidelines.

  9. Chapter Visits
    1. Virtual: On-Demand Workshops
    2. More details to come on specifics.
      1. Anticipate 3 different recorded workshop options – beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
      2. Advisors can choose which to share based on classrooms and/or share all with their students.

  10. District Kickoffs
    1. Student Portion
      1. Virtual Live Experiences
        1. Traditional times in the evening.
        2. Anticipate similar schedule/activities
        3. District Officers will still participate via opening ceremonies and assisting with activities.
        4. Anticipate recording sessions and publishing online for others to participate later.
      2. Dates – previously published dates should remain the same.
    2. Teacher Portion
      1. Virtual Live Experiences
        1. Anticipate 4 meeting dates by section.
          1. It will be suggested that you attend by your section, but not required.
          2. Advisors will be able to attend any of the 4 meetings, the information presented shall be the same in all meetings.
          3. Dates will not overlap with student experiences.
            1. Allows chapter advisors to be with/host students if appropriate.
            2. Indiana FFA has a limited number of zoom accounts to host meetings concurrently.
        2. Similar meeting to previous years with updates, reports, and Q&A time.
          1. Condensing meetings will allow multiple staff members to be on the same calls which should lead to stronger Q&A sessions.
        3. District Business will need to occur at another time established by the district leadership.
          1. This would include district elections for IAAE BOC and FFA BOT as necessary.
          2. INFFA can provide zoom meeting access for districts if needed (at times that do not conflict with previously scheduled usage).

  11. Fall LDW (Leadership Development Workshop)
    1. Virtual
      1. More details to come.
      2. Dates – currently anticipate 2 options
        1. 1 held during the traditional dates (over the weekend)
        2. 1 held during school day(s) leading into the normal weekend
          1. Could be a single day or 2 days or half days – still working through this option.
      3. May include electronic and/or USPS delivery of materials to be used during the conference at home.
    2. Content should be similar to previous LDW conferences and established objectives.
    3. Anticipate opportunities to engage live with the state officers and other chapter leaders, but also with breaks that would allow for independent chapter officer team work/relationship building.
  12. SOAR and FIRE Conferences
    1. In person, social distancing/mask guidelines, limited attendance
      1. Numbers will be reduced based on space requirements at the leadership center and overnight bunk space.
    2. Previously posted dates stand.
    3. 2 options for participation
      1. Day Conference
        1. Saturday will prioritize learning, sessions, opportunities
      2. Overnight options
        1. Ability to add Friday and Saturday night.
        2. Traditional experiences similar to previous conferences
    4. Schedule will be modified to accommodate Saturday priority and reduce events that cannot be socially distanced (ie. Dance)
      1. There will be 2 registration times (Fri evening and Sat morning) based on which option chosen.
    5. Virtual delivery will be planned if needed based on county/state requirements.
      1. If in person delivery is available, there will not be a virtual supplement as well.
  13. Executive Committee Meetings
    1. October – virtual
    2. November – In person, transition to virtual if current situation deems necessary.

  14. Chapter Meeting LDE and Welding CDE
    1. Continued discussions and monitoring of the pandemic/school situations shall occur.
    2. Determinations of any necessary modifications shall be determined at a later date.

  15. State Fair Proficiency Boards
    1. Without state fair, the proficiency boards will not be designed and purchased as they would have been done previously.
    2. INFFA does not have the budget to be able to produce those without the state fair.
    3. Each proficiency winner/chapter will have the opportunity to request INFFA design and produce the proficiency board at the expense of the chapter (or individual winner).
      1. 2020 cost estimated $60 each
    4. Order details to come in the next few weeks.

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